AURA is an app that helps you manage your emotions, improve sleep, and find peace. Aura Health has generously offered their app free for 6 months for students, staff, and faculty. To find out more about Aura Health, see their webpage at:

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UCSB Aura Health App Codes

  • Students: UCSB-STUDENT
  • Staff: UCSB-STAFF
  • Faculty: UCSB-FACULTY

Linking to the Aura App does not constitute an endorsement of Aura's products or services by UCSB or any of its employees. Be sure to see the instructions below about how to redeem your code. By leaving the UCSB site and/or utilizing the Aura App, you will be subject to the Aura App's privacy policy.

Your daily moment of mindfulness and self-care

No matter how busy you are, create a daily ritual for your emotional health with tracks as short as 3 minutes, and up to an hour.

You do not need a credit card!

When you go to redeem the code at this page, you will first be asked to create an account, then you’ll be asked for the code. After, you can download the app and log in with the same email.

You should not be asked for your credit card details. If you have an account without redeeming the code, and are unable to redeem the code, please send an email to


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