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This page of the wellbeing website provides information about some of the on-campus departments that support the mental health of UCSB students. The services and resources on this page are not exhaustive, but we are committed to updating information regularly. Please be aware that any services that relate to mental health can also be found on other sections of this site (notably the proactive wellness page).

Here you can find information on CAPS, Mental Health Peers, Health & Wellness, Student Health Service, and more!

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS is a seperate department from Student Health's Behavioral Health Services. Both are departments offer options for students and can refer you to each other's departments if one is a better fit than the other. 


CAPS offers single session, short term, and long term talk therapy in either one-on-one or group therapy formats. In addition, Mental Health Peers offer workshops, support, and education on mental health topics to students. Professional consultation is available to faculty, staff, and families. All registered students are eligible for services at CAPS. When help is needed in sorting out a personal concern, CAPS is a resource for learning new skills in building self-confidence, relating to others, reducing stress, solving problems, and identifying options.

CAPS Website

How to Get Started at CAPS

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Short-Term Individual Counseling 

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What Happens In a Brief Assessment?

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Single Session Therapy

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Long-Term Individual Therapy

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Group Therapy

The Group Counseling program at CAPS includes offerings that can help students learn skills, manage distress, and/or build community. There is no additional cost for groups. CAPS services are covered by your student fees! Some groups require a different level of commitment ranging from drop-in once to quarter-long. If you have any questions, please contact CAPS at (805) 893-4411. If group therapy sounds like a match, please click the buttons below to check out the available groups:

Focused on teaching content and skills that can help students manage mental health concerns.


Psychoeducation Groups

Identity-specific groups offer individuals with shared visible and invisible or hidden identities a space to process current issues, provide support to one another, and build community.

Community Groups

These groups offer students an opportunity to process concerns and seek support from peers, as well as a chance to practice social skill building and connecting with others.

Interpersonal Process Groups

Mental Health Peers


The Mental Health Peer (MHP) Program’s mission is to increase knowledge about mental health topics and resources and decrease the stigma attached to mental health. Our 21 peers are passionate about helping all students thrive, offering a variety of resources for education, prevention, and intervention. The Mental Health Peers (MHPs) are trained in basic counseling skills and provide students with support, basic stress management techniques, and peer advising on stress-related or mental health-related issues and concerns. 

MHP Website

Check out their offerings below, and get more info by clicking above!

Drop-In Support

The Mental Health Peers (MHPs) are available during business hours for drop-in support for those who are curious about CAPS and MHP resources, those who are struggling, other those who want to help a struggling friend/family member but don't know how to start the conversation. We can assist students in learning techniques to cope with stress, talk to loved ones, and get connected to appropriate resources. 

School Anxiety Program (SAP)

University is a high pressure setting, which can impact test taking abilities, concentration, sleep, and stress levels. The School Anxiety Program (SAP) includes up to three 1-hour long sessions starting with a group workshop. This can be followed by two one-on-one sessions with a MHP focused on time management, coping, and relaxation. To participate, visit the calendar and attend any SAP workshop. You will have the option to request the individual sessions at the end of the workshop.


MHPs offer workshops regularly, listed on their calendar. Workshops are also available by request (both on and off campus) for organizations and groups of 10 or more people. MHP's can cater pre-existing workshops or design new ones to cater towards a group's needs. Please submit a workshop request at least 10 business days prior to the requested date. Questions? Stop by the MHP office or call (805) 893-4411 and ask to speak to a Mental Health Peer! 

Student Health | Behavioral Health Services

Student Health Service has a department called Behavioral Health Services, which is home to 3 services:

  • Alcohol & Drug Program (ADP)
  • Social Work Services
  • Psychiatric Services

Student Health's Behavioral Health Services is a seperate department from CAPS. Both are departments offer options for students and can refer you to each other's departments if one is a better fit than the other. 


Alcohol & Drug Program (ADP)

This program is already covered by your student fees!

The Alcohol & Drug Program (ADP) is a team of licensed Behavioral Health therapists provide free and confidential counseling to all UCSB students who are self-referred, referred by others, or concerned about someone else. Services include assessment, counseling, education, and safety information related to alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, other drugs, gambling, device/screen management, and other addictive/compulsive behaviors, as well as connections and referrals to other professionals on campus and in the community. Telehealth Counseling and supportive appointments are available either by phone, zoom or in-person. To receive general information or make an appointment, please contact us at (805) 893-5013 or email us at We are here to help you in whatever way we can. For specific information regarding Gauchos For Recovery services and ongoing meetings.   

Gauchos for Recovery (GFR), also housed under ADP, is a peer-driven UCSB program that aims to provide a safe, supportive, and engaging environment for students in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use disorders and addictive behaviors. We support students engaging in any recovery pathway they choose. Additionally, we support students who have been directly or indirectly affected by the substance use of friends or loved ones, and we work to create a recovery-ready campus community.
The GFR program is centered around 6 main elements:
1. A community of supportive peers
2. Recovery-oriented meetings and events
3. Opportunities for leadership and service
4. A Recovery-friendly space
5. Peer and Professional Support
6. Community Harm-Reduction Services


ADP Website

Guachos For Recovery

GFR Website


Social Work Services

These services are provided to students without charge.

Student Health Social Workers provide confidential services focused on enhancing and supporting student health and wellness.  Through these services, they seek to assist students in achieving academic, social, and personal success. They specialize in:

  • Comprehensive psycho/social evaluations

  • Psychiatric Crisis Intervention, Stabilization, and Aftercare

  • Complex needs counseling

  • Community linkage and referrals for behavioral and physical health needs

  • Academic Adjustments or Withdrawal/Leave support

  • Support with returning to UCSB after an extended leave

  • Medical care support or advocacy- for new or chronic conditions

  • Insurance Consultation

  • Continuity of care support when leaving or graduating from UCSB

Appointments can be scheduled with a Social Worker by calling (805) 893-3371.


Social Work Website

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Psychiatric Services

This service is covered by UC SHIP or BARC for other insurance plans.

Student Health has psychiatrists and social workers who are available by referral from either Counseling and Psychological Services or primary care clinicians within Student Health. Our psychiatrists provide evaluations and, if indicated, medication and short-term supportive psychotherapy. Students with UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) are not charged for these visits; students covered by other insurance will be billed through BARC.
What does a Psychiatrist do?

  • Problems can arise suddenly, such as feelings of anxiety or depression, which can cause daily life to feel uncontrollable. Our Psychiatrists are specialists who evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients who are affected by temporary or chronic mental health and/or physical disorders. They can also, if indicated, prescribe medication and short-term supportive psychotherapy. 

New and follow-up appointments:   Call (805) 893-3371

Cancellations: Cancel your appointment on the Patient Portal Gateway or by calling (805) 893-3371.
Late cancellation and no-show fees may be applied.

After-hours: Crisis services are available by calling 805-893-4411 and selecting option “2.”

Department of Health & Wellness


Health & Wellness is committed to supporting a diverse campus environment. All of our events are open to the whole UCSB student body and we encourage everyone to participate in our services. We offer many immersive wellness services as well as health education workshops, support groups, and more! Our mission is to have students thrive because they learn, live and achieve in an environment where they feel a sense of belonging, connectedness, and personal impact. We aim to have students’ health and well-being embedded in the campus culture and valued as integral to everyone’s success at UC Santa Barbara and post-graduation. We also help students to engage in habits that strengthen their well-being, exercise compassion, and advocate for the health of all individuals.

Health & Wellness Website

Health And Wellness

Student Mental Health Coordination Services

SMHCS (although located in Student Health Service Building) is a seperate department from both CAPS and Student Health's Behavioral Health Services. It is, however part of the same Student Affairs division as CAPS and Student Health's Behavioral Health Services.


The Student Mental Health Coordination Services (SMHCS) office is the single point of contact for the campus community to report concerns about a student in distress or a student distressing others. As the department that collects all information regarding distressed student concerns, SMHCS Coordinators are able to construct a holistic picture of how referred students are functioning and connect them with appropriate campus resources. As a non-clinical office, SMHCS is able to collaborate with other departments on campus to provide coordination of care, interventions, social support, and follow-up services from a network of campus resources.

When appropriate, SMHCS will mobilize the Students of Concern Team (SOC) and/or the Student Behavioral Intervention Team (SBIT) to provide a coordinated University response to a student in distress or a student distressing others. Both teams consist of a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who work to improve the health and safety of the campus community while supporting students’ ability to achieve academic success. The SOC and SBIT Teams meet weekly to determine appropriate interventions, develop individualized response plans, and connect students to campus and community services.

Hosford Clinic

Hosford Clinic is part of the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education (GGSE) and is a seperate department/division from Student Affairs' Mental Wellbeing Services: CAPS, Student Health's Behavioral Health Services, and Student Mental Health Coordination Services


The Hosford Counseling & Psychological Services Clinic is a university-based community clinic that is designed to provide culturally sensitive, low-cost individual, couple, family, and group psychological treatment to the entire Santa Barbara community. We serve the general public as well as students, faculty and staff from our local universities/colleges.

The Hosford Clinic serves as a training site for students in the Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (CCSP) of the University of California, Santa Barbara and as a clinical-research facility for the faculty and students of the CCSP Department. We also strive to provide educational, consultation, and training services to professional and paraprofessional clinicians and educators in the tri-counties.