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Aura Health

AURA is an app that helps you manage your emotions, improve sleep, and find peace. Aura Health has generously offered their app free for 6 months for students, staff, and faculty. The university does not endorse any one app over another. Be sure to see the UCSB Aura Health page before going to the Aura Health app.



Linking to the Aura App does not constitute an endorsement of Aura's products or services by UCSB or any of its employees.  By leaving the UCSB site and/or utilizing the Aura App, you will be subject to the Aura App's privacy policy.


Free Face Coverings Locations


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Brought to you by UCSB Health and Wellness

Isla Vista Food Co-op | nightly from 5-7pm

Starbucks, Isla Vista | during hours of operation

Graduate Student Housing | Look for details in the Grad Student Housing weekly newsletter

Basic Needs Advocate Center | UCEN, enter next to Jamba Juice during hours of operation



GROW resource


At UC Santa Barbara we value an inclusive and affirming environment for all students, staff, and faculty. Learning about other communities and identities and how to be a supportive advocate and ally is a lifelong project. Many of us receive little exposure to identities different from our own in our earlier lives, and thus universities can be the first time we encounter people different from ourselves. 

We can choose to let these differences divide us, or we can engage in intentional self-development to better understand and appreciate the many aspects of identities, cultures, and backgrounds. The resources on this site are intended to serve as a place to engage with these topics. We called this site "Grow" because we are never finished learning about others and how best to respect and support them. 

Basic Needs resources to support students due to COVID-19 impacts:

For Technology and other resources, go to the Basic Needs Website


For help with financial impacts visit Financial Crisis Response Team

For cooking and shopping during COVID-19 visit the UCSB Wellness Website


For help with Food Access, visit Calfresh, AS Food Bank and Miramar Pantry