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Welcome to Basic Needs


Basic Needs covers the following areas for UCSB students:

  • Food Resources
  • Housing Resources
  • Financial Resources
  • Wellbeing Resources
  • Technology Resources
  • Academic Resources

To explore these, either scroll through this page or visit the basic needs site directly  at https://basicneeds.ucsb.edu/

Financial Assistance


UCSB offers a variety of Financial resources to support students. These resources include:

  • CALFRESH (food budget assistance)
  • A Financial Crisis Team
  • Financial Wellness Online Modules
  • Emergency Loans and Grants
  • Work Study Program Information

To learn more about any of these resources visit the following link:

Financial Resources


ScholarshipUniverse is another resource available to UCSB students to help find financial support for school related expenses:

ScholarshipUniverse Info

financial resources

Food Assistance


UC Santa Barbara and the State of California both offer food assistance programs to UCSB students including:

  • CALFRESH Information
  • Basic Needs Peer Advisors & Calfresh Advocates 
  • Food Pantries / Food Banks
  • Grocery and Prepared Meal Resources
  • Cooking and Gardening Information

For more information, see the following link:

Food Resources

food bank

Housing Resources


As a student of UCSB and a member of our local community, you should have access to stable housing, healthy and affordable foodsfinancial literacy resources, and comprehensive mental health resources. With the assistance of local and university organizations, the University of California is committed to ensuring that all students have their housing needs met. We welcome all UCSB students, regardless of immigration status, gender, or sexual orientation to browse through and access the resources provided. 

Housing Resources

UCSB also has a Community Services & Housing Office which supports students in their search for rental housing and disputes:

Community Housing Services Office


Technology Access


UCSB has resources available to support the technology needs of students, including:

  • Laptop Loan Programs and Free Laptop Programs
  • Library Computer Resources
  • Technology Repair Resources
  • Internet Access Resources
  • Financial Assistance for Technology

To learn more, visit the following link:

Technology Resources


Books and Academic Support


UCSB has a wide variety of Academic resources to support students, including:

  • Library Course Reserves & Collections
  • Associated Students Book Bank
  • Promise Scholars Book Bank
  • AS/EOP Grants
  • Disabled Students Program
  • Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS)
  • And More!

For more information, visit:

Academic Resources

books and academic support