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This page of the Wellbeing website contains information surrounding Gender and Sexuality Resources. 

There are many departments and services on campus committed to gender and sexuality resources to serve a diverse population of students that includes all gender and sexual identities and needs. UCSB is committed to continually grow in the area of serving our LGBTQIA+ identified students in all areas. Here you'll find information about The Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity, the Women's Center, The Department of Health & Wellness, Student Health Service and more! We hope that the resources offered through our many departments can be a start to helping students navigate the unique and diverse needs of our LGTBQIA+ community.

Queer Trans Health Resources


Healthcare is important for everyone, but some groups are more likely to experience inaccessibility or discrimination in the pursuit of healthcare. Members of the LGBTQ+ community, especially those that fall under the Trans+ umbrella, may be hesitant or unable to acquire the care they need due to the obstacles and gaps in knowledge that persist in many healthcare settings.


UCSB Student Health Service LGBTQIA+ & Trans Healthcare

UCSB’s Student Health has come a long way in how it serves queer and trans students and is committed to continuing this work into the future. We hope that the resources presented here and on the LGBTQIA+ and Transgender Care Services section of the Student Health website will provide some guidance while navigating healthcare systems both on and off campus.

UCSB Student Health LGTBQIA+ & Trans Healthcare

Trans @ UCSB Guide

Trans @UCSB is a navigational guide for trans and gender diverse students. This collection of resources, recommendations, referrals, advice, and step-by-step instructions is intended to help students navigate gender exploration and transition on our campus.

This guide covers topics such as:

  • community and social spaces
  • campus involvement + jobs
  • name and gender change
  • medical transition

UCSB staff are here to provide support and guidance throughout your journey. If you have any edits, suggestions, resources requests, or unanswered questions, please reach out to

Trans @ UCSB Guide

trans @ucsb

Trans Sex Education

Sex education in the United States is extremely limited and under constant reform. What little material does exist, rarely acknowledges or includes information for people of trans experience. These slides, from a trans sex ed workshop hosted by the RCSGD each year, are an attempt to fill that gap. Review these slides for a trans-friendly perspective on body and sexual health!

Download Trans Sex Ed Presentation

trans sex ed

Patient Advocate


The Health Equity Advocate at UCSB is Buster Buchanan. His role works closely with Student Health, the RCSGD, and other campus departments to assure that marginalized students, especially queer and trans students, receive accessible and equitable healthcare. He is equipped to help with health discrimination, transitioning, LGBTQ+ health, insurance, and more.

Check out the LGBTQIA+ student health page for more information. Or you can email Buster directly at or schedule a 30 or 50 minute meeting via shoreline.


30 Minute Meeting


50 Minute Meeting

New Patient Advocate


Healthcare Feedback

health care inequity feedback

If you have experienced inequity from the university's healthcare service, the Health Equity Advocate at UC Santa Barbara can help. This is an anonymous form where you can share your experiences. The Healthcare Advocate works directly with Student Health to inform trainings and the healthcare processes on campus. By sharing any negative experiences that you have had, the university can work to improve. Examples of experiences include, but are not limited to: 

  • misgendering
  • deadnaming
  • refusal to treat
  • harmful stereotypes
  • inaccessibility of care
  • discrimination due to identity or appearance
  • any other form of healthcare discrimination

Health Feedback Form

Peer Groups


QTBIPOC Empowerment

The RCSGD provides a safe space for QTBIPOC identifying students to connect and share their experiences. They offer different events each quarter such as empowerment hours and community circle. 

For Winter 2024, QTBIPOC Empowerment Hours are held in the RCSGD Lounge from 6-8pm. Times and days vary each quarter. Check the RCSGD Events Calendar for updated programming! 

For more information on dates and registration, click here:

RCSGD Events Calendar


QTBIPOC Empowerment Hours

QTBIPOC Empowerment Hours is a space intentionally for QTBIPOC to exist, rest, rejuvenate, and come together as a community to thrive individually and collectively. For any questions, please email

Bi Us For Us

This is a discussion group for all Bi+ students as well as those questioning. Here we will hold facilitated conversations about all things bi+ related— biphobia, bi-erasure, bi-culture etc. This group is open to all gender identities! For more information click below and look out for future events! 

Trans Empowerment Hours

Trans Empowerment Hours are open to anyone who is trans, nonbinary, gender-non-conforming, or questioning their gender. For more information, email

LGTBQIA+ Group Counseling with CAPS

CAPS offers Group Counseling options that include gender identity-based circles. Check out some of the options below for Winter 2024.

Inqueery; Wednesdays 3-4pm

This support space is for LGBTQ+ graduate students who want to receive and provide support, build resilience and community, and address the impact of oppressive systems. Students are welcome at any point in the quarter. Click below to apply.

TransFormative; Thursdays 3:30-5pm

TransFormative is a group for trans, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, gender fluid, gender queer and other gender questioning/exploring students to meet others, share and process, heal and help one another, and find/practice community in a safe, co-created, therapeutic and celebrating space. 15 minute pre-screens are required; max 10 participants. Click below to apply.

True Selves; Wednesdays 2-3:15pm

This is a group for the LGBTQ community to address concerns, challenges and triumphs. This is a safe space to check in with others about their experiences, explore your identity, whether you are questioning or clear about your identity, thinking about coming out, or want support in general. Connect with others in the community. All topics are on the table. This group is for both undergraduate and graduate students. Pre-screen required. Click below to apply.

Gender Presentation


Gender presentation refers to the way we present our gender visually. This can be through hair, clothes, makeup, body shape, accessories, voice, and mannerisms. There are various programs students have access to which give them the opportunity to learn more about gender products and acquire their own. 


Gender Product Library (GPL)

The Gender Product Library offers students a chance to see, touch, and ask questions about a variety of gender-affirming products. Click below for a spreadsheet of the products currently available for viewing at the Gender Product Library. 

Gender Product Spreadsheet

If you would like to meet with the Health Equity Advocate to view any of these products in person and learn more about them, you can book an appointment. During the appointment you can learn about prices, brands, and quality of different products. You can ask questions and learn which products and specialties will meet your personal needs. Click below to schedule an appointment to view the Gender Product Library. 

Schedule a Viewing Appointment


gender product library


Gender Affirming Product Program (GAPP)

The Gender Affirming Product Program aims to provide free gender-affirming products for trans*, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning students who may have difficulty accessing these supplies on their own.  

If any obstacles (finances, logistics, safety, etc.) have prevented you from obtaining safe and effective gender-affirming items, please check out this interest form.

Applications will open at the start of each quarter (fall, winter, and spring) and will close once funds have been exhausted for that quarter.



Binder Exchange Program

A binder uses compression to minimize and flatten one's chest tissue. The Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (RCSGD) has a Binder Exchange Program where trans* folks at UCSB can donate their used binders for students in need. If you need a binder and can't afford to buy one, you can contact the Trans Empowerment Coordinator at

This program is always seeking donations. If you have a binder that no longer fits you, please consider donating so they can continue to provide for students in need. Donations can be dropped off at the RCSGD front desk (3rd floor of SRB) or coordinated with



Gender Euphoria

gender euphoria

UCSB’s Health Equity Advocate and the RCSGD have created a Beginner’s Guide to Gender Euphoria. It is downloadable as a poster, Instagram post, or foldable zine. If you are exploring your gender identity or know someone who is, feel free to download and share this guide! 

Gender Euphoria Download